come back to yourself



Amber's Kahuna bodywork is often described as deeply relaxing, grounding and nurturing. 

The long, flowing, massage-like movements performed in rhythm to music support you to let go of patterns that are no longer contributing and find new aspects of self.

Amber assists this process by moving with grace with what arises in the moment, guided by the ancient principles, including use of Ki energy. 

When all the cells in the body move to the same rhythm, power and change are available.  Using presence, deep acceptance and flow, Amber supports you to access and utilise these states.  

what people say about amber: 

"Honestly the best massage I've ever had."  - Victoria

"We could not have left more relaxed or happy, to quote my partner, the experience was next level" - Amanda

"Amber is very present in her session. I feel so calm and relaxed - Anna, Mullumbimby

"My session with Amber exceeded all expectations, she really hit the spots needing attention intuitively. It was deeply relaxing but also therapeutic. I love this Kahuna Bodywork! -Merryn Dunsmuir

All my stress disappeared and I felt and still feel uplifted, she shifted some stuff! - Wendy Wishart

"Amber is very sensitive, she has the touch...she is sure in her massage, confident and safe." - Noha, Tyagarah

"Amber was great! Professional and confident..Her manner during treatment felt sacred and very focused"-Sarah Armstrong "

"It's more than just a massage, there's a lot of energy work going on and I can really feel it. I can feel its a beautiful, sacred, divine touch of reverence ...I really enjoyed that."  - Rose, Byron Bay

Amber is fantastic. I have been coming every week and will continue to do so, I find the massage very grounding and relaxing" - Krystina, Rosebank

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